Phizz and CleanHub Join Forces to Tackle Plastic Waste! 🌊 - Phizz

Phizz and CleanHub Join Forces to Tackle Plastic Waste! 🌊

In an exciting collaboration, Phizz is proud to announce its partnership with CleanHub, a significant step towards addressing the environmental impact of plastic waste. 🤩

Acknowledging Plastic's Impact

While Phizz formulas are currently packaged in plastic due to various reasons like efficacy, safety, fragility, and shipping, Phizz is fully aware of the environmental consequences associated with plastic waste. The company is committed to making a positive change.

Commitment to Plastic Recovery

Through the partnership with CleanHub, Phizz has made a bold commitment. In the year 2023/24, they aim to recover a staggering 21,000 kilograms of plastic waste. This means that for every tube of Phizz sold, an astonishing 1.5 times its weight in plastic waste will be collected, recycled, and prevented from entering our precious oceans. 💪

Equivalent to 250,000 Plastic Bottles

To put this into perspective, the 21,000 kilograms of plastic waste Phizz aims to recover is equivalent to a staggering 250,000 plastic bottles. That's a whopping five times the height of Mount Everest! 🏔️

A Powerful Partnership for a Cleaner Future

The Phizz and CleanHub partnership is a testament to Phizz's dedication to making a positive environmental impact. By taking tangible steps to recover and recycle plastic waste, Phizz is contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet.

This collaboration goes beyond business—it's a commitment to sustainability and a better future for all. Phizz's mission to enhance hydration and vitality now extends to the preservation of our oceans and environment.

Stay tuned for more updates on Phizz's eco-friendly initiatives as they continue their journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable world! 🌍♻️