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2-in-1 Multivitamin Hydration Tablets

Level Up Your Water.

Phizz rapidly hydrates up to 3x more than just water alone. Phizz also replenishes electrolytes and an alphabet of vitamins & antioxidants for energy, health and wellbeing.

Absorb 3x
More Water
Informed Sport
Low Calorie
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More Water
Phizz Is A Hydration Amplifier
Scientifically formulated to help the body absorb more water, faster. Adding Phizz to your glass hydrates your body 2-3 times more than water alone.
Replenish Electrolytes
Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium + Magnesium
Electrolytes are VIPs at hydrating your body and contribute to brain, nerve, and muscle function. Phizz contains the main electrolytes lost in sweat, helping you put the good stuff back in.
High Dose Multivitamin
Vitamins A, B, C, E + Copper, Zinc & More
Phizz goes beyond hydration. We’re also a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement for daily life. Our alphabet of antioxidants and vitamins has you covered for energy release, immune support and so much more.

More Vitamin C
Than 3 Oranges

More Potassium Than 1 Banana

As Much Zinc
As 600g Of Spinach

Hydrating The World's Best

Informed Sport is a quality assurance programme for sports nutrition products. All Phizz products are batch tested, meaning no matter where you find Phizz - on a plane or a supermarket aisle - you can rest assured that it is Informed Sport approved.

Global Sports Supplement Testing Programme

"Hydration is key to player health, focus & performance. Phizz has immediately become a favourite amongst the playing group. We knew Phizz had become popular in the UK across Premier League & Championship football and we wanted the best.”

George Morgan, Saracens Rugby Head of Performance & Nutrition

“During our MLS cup winning season we used Phizz because of its comprehensive formula to help immune function and hydration. Phizz gives players a head start on the competition for our players to perform at their peak. As Head of Performance, I have to do my research on supplements for athletes and can say with confidence the science-led hydration formula and extensive list of key vitamins and minerals in Phizz help keep the team in optimal shape.”

Damian Roden, Head of Performance in MLS & Premier League

Burnley has chosen to use Phizz because it offers everything our players need to compete at the highest level. The Phizz formula supports athlete performance and recovery with it’s scientifically-developed blend of hydration, vitamins and electrolytes that puts back all the good stuff lost in sweat. As elite athletes, Burnley players need the extra hydration, energy and immune support offered by Phizz. My job as Burnley’s team nutritionist means I am always researching the best sport supplements for our players and none compare to Phizz’.

Elliot Frankland, Burnley FC Nutritionist
“Staying hydrated with Phizz tablets is key to playing at our best."
Owen Farrell, Saracens & England Captain
Phizz is a great teammate. From hydration to energy to recovery, our science-backed formula is packed with everything you need to perform at your very best during and after exercise.
“I can’t fly a plane or travel anymore without Phizz. It keeps me at my best, at all times.”
Zellent Low, Commercial Airline Pilot
Meet your new favourite travel companion. Our comprehensive formula keeps you hydrated and fights fatigue during long travel days.
At the hospital, hours pass by on shift without drinking water, I never forget my Phizz to make the most of it.
Olivia Tompkins, Intensive Care Nurse
Need a little support for long days on the job? Phizz helps keep you at your mental peak to take on the day.
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Plastic Bank

For each tube of Phizz sold, approximately 4 times its weight in plastic waste is collected, recycled and prevented from entering our oceans, that's 1 million plastic bottles per year! Phizz tubes are recyclable, yet our partnership with Plastic Bank is a step further.


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