Our Sustainability Commitment

Since Phizz was founded in 2017, we have been committed to being a sustainable brand.

Our Impact Progress

Rainwater, wind and floods carry plastic waste from the land into the oceans. Phizz partnered with CleanHub to collect plastic waste before it can enter the most precious ecosystem on earth.

1 July, 2023


Phizz enables the safe collection and recovery of ocean bound plastic waste. The contribution supports clean environments and creates sustainable jobs in the global south.

30 Jun, 2023


Our Collection Hubs in India, Indonesia, and Cambodia all intercept waste before it even reaches the environment by collecting it directly from households as well as waterways, and fishermen's bycatch from the ocean. We help build these collection systems, providing communities with access to waste management for the first time to prevent open dumping and burning. Every financial contribution helps to expand the model across coastal regions in this world and creates stable and dignified jobs for local communities.


After the waste has been collected, it is sorted into different categories so each material can be disposed of correctly. Recyclable plastic is sold to local recyclers, non-recyclable plastic is processed in the most environmentally sustainable way available. We track all the plastic recovered through the CleanHub app.


The collection and recovery efforts are in motion. Track here, how much plastic waste has already been recovered.


Want to know more about our sustainability impact and how we are being plastic positive? View our live tracker page on Cleanhub.

Why does Phizz use plastic packaging?

Phizz formulas are currently packaged in plastic for multiple efficacy, safety, fragility and shipping reasons. For each tube of Phizz sold, 1.5x its weight in plastic waste is collected, recycled and prevented from entering our oceans.

Can I recycle the packaging?

Phizz tubes are recyclable, and our secondary packaging is recyclable card, made from recycled materials.

Can I return my used tubes to Phizz?

Yes, you can return your tubes to the Phizz team and we can recycle it for you. Please send your empty tubes for recycling to 478-9 Salisbury House, 29 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 5SQ.

Who is Cleanhub?

CleanHub empowers companies to take immediate responsibility for their plastic footprints. We connect ocean-loving brands with local communities, and facilitate the collection and safe processing of non-recyclable plastic. We understand the importance of proving impact, so we’ve built track & trace technology to provide evidence of how much plastic is collected, and where it ends up after we take care of it.

We choose recovery methods with the lowest environmental impact possible, and use our market position to enforce better working conditions for local workers.