A Billion Bottles

A Billion Bottles - Phizz

Next week, on 22nd April, the world will celebrate Earth Day. At Phizz, we aim to celebrate our planet every day, and our partnership with Plastic Bank is a big step toward that goal. For each tube of Phizz sold, approximately 4 times its weight in plastic waste is collected, recycled and prevented from entering our oceans, that's 1,150,000 plastic bottles so far!

Plastic Bank has just reached a collection milestone of over one billion bottles of ocean plastic - that's over 20 million kilograms of plastic waste prevented from entering our oceans! We’re proud to be working with Plastic Bank to stop ocean plastic and improve lives.

Together, we're helping support over 17,000 collectors from vulnerable coastal communities in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and Egypt. Collectors exchange their plastic for bonuses that provide basic family necessities like groceries, cooking fuel, health insurance and school tuition.

Learn more about how we make an impact with Plastic Bank at plasticbank.com and please, don’t forget to recycle your empty tubes!