Get Your Sweat on with Duncan's Wild Weekender

Get Your Sweat on with Duncan's Wild Weekender - Phizz

If you're looking for the best weekend workout to sweat off the Friday night hangover, then look no further. Apex Rides have put together a two part Saturday morning workout, run by Head Instructor Duncan and hydrated by Phizz.

Ahead of Duncan's Wild Weekender, we asked him some questions and advice about his workouts and how's best to get involved. 

Tell us a little about yourself:

Hey! I’m Duncan, Head of Content and Head Instructor at Apex, I’m a Cancer, I like long walks on the beach and am looking for dogs of any size to play with in the park. Jokes - although I do enjoy a good game of catch. I’ve been working in the fitness industry for ten years, am a qualified physiotherapist and I love to cycle, which is handy.

In your opinion, why is spin the best workout to slot into the week?

From a medical POV it is a great low impact strength and stamina builder, usually a sensible option for any knee or hip rehab. For everyone else, it can provide you with a gentle release or a deep, sweaty full out session and everything in between - you are in charge of the difficulty. Having the confidence that your workout intensity is entirely consensual lets you spend less time in your head and more time enjoying movement in your body. After all, motion is lotion for basically anything.

What makes Apex special?

Our instructors are the best fun, both on and off the bike. As a rider, it makes me more motivated if I get pushed by someone I respect - they get into my head and keep me going when I’m flagging midway through a hill climb or I’m resisting that last resistance increase. That’s what we have, it’s what we are good at. Plus the bikes are delicious to look at and the music is **chefs kiss**.

Your top tip for first-timers to spin?

Remember that everything that happens in the session is entirely under your command. Every element that we coach, especially in Starter Rides, is just a guide. Listen to your instructor, but if an extra resistance increase isn’t for you, don’t do it, if you don’t want to stand up on that quick beat, then don’t. Work out what your comfort zone is first, and eventually you’ll get confident enough to let us help you step out of it.

What’s the best music to smash those hill climbs?

Chase & Status, Bon Jovi, Ariana Grande. The trifecta.

How can we join the A-Team?

Head to and order your favourite colour. I’ll be shouting your name out on the leaderboard in no time!

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