Apple & Blackcurrant Gets an Upgrade

Apple & Blackcurrant Gets an Upgrade - Phizz

New & improved! We’ve heard your feedback, and we must say, we’re great listeners. Recently, you may have noticed some upgrades to your favourite phizzy tablets.

Firstly, we’ve heard your queries about the taste and unexpected orange hue of Apple & Blackcurrant. If you’ve tried it before, you’ve got to give it a go again, because we’ve greatly improved the flavour profile. And while we think our Apple & Blackcurrant is beautiful no matter what, our scientists have given it a makeover courtesy of natural beetroot powder. It is now a dashing shade of purple, perfectly coordinated to its tube. 

Also, our scientists have supercharged our formula, packing all the goodness you expect from us into a single Apple & Blackcurrant tablet. In addition to making your Phizz go further, this wonder tablet now has fewer calories and a faster dissolve. We’re continually working to provide you with the best products and we hope you love these well-researched improvements.

The new Apple & Blackcurrant has launched exclusively on and Amazon Prime in our 20, 60 and 240 tablet sizes. This new Phizz formula is not yet available to purchase from all buying platforms and all sizes, but the updates are slowly rolled out across all retailers, so please bear with us and keep an eye out, as we can't wait to hear what you think!