Phizz x HANX: Hydrating the Bedroom Athletes

Phizz x HANX: Hydrating the Bedroom Athletes - Phizz

Don’t let dehydration dry up your love life. Rehydration and electrolyte replacement is an effective way to maximise your exercise, sport fixtures and gym workouts – and the same applies for your bedroom ‘activities’. Even 1-2% water loss can have a significant effect on your body – both mentally and physically. From fatigue to irritability, dehydration impacts your sex drive and performance considerably more than you would think!  


Fear not, with the help of our trusted friends at HANX, we’ve got the solution to improve your performance in the bedroom. HANX offers trusted contraception without the stigma. Inspired by a frustrating experience in the sexual wellness aisle, Co-Founders Farah Kabir and Dr Sarah Welsh created HANX. They challenge the status quo around sex and tackle misconceptions about vaginas, penises and all their wild, weird and wonderful quirks.

How HANX are taking on the Johnny big boys:


Natural: Mainstream brands use numbing gels, sticky flavourings and novelty tingling sensations that are a yeast infection waiting to happen! With Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh’s experience in gynaecology, they’ve developed a super gentle formula for their lube that is pH matched to the real thing. Plus, it’s safe to use with condoms or sex toys.


Sustainable: Most of the 10 billion condoms produced each year end up in landfill. HANX is working on making products as sustainable as possible, and their ultra-thin condoms are proudly compostable. This is because they’re made from 100% Fair Rubber latex, approved by the Fair Rubber Association, and are not treated with weird chemicals. They only work with Fair Rubber certified plantations, where a fair wage is paid to the employees and working conditions are safe. The association also promotes environmentally friendly natural rubber production.


Vegan: If you’re making the earth move, you should be taking care of it, too. No casein. No beeswax. HANX Condoms and Lubricant are certified by The Vegan Society, verifying that no animal by-products are used. They are also cruelty free and HANX never test on animals.


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So, how can sufficient hydration help to spice things up between the sheets?


  1. Up the energy

An energetic session in bed is comparable to a 3-mile run; staying hydrated is essential to beat fatigue and increase your stamina – so no more round 1 knock-out. Phizz also contains B vitamins which are essential for energy yielding metabolism.


  1. Lubrication

Dehydration can significantly impact female sexual response, which reduces natural lubrication and the ease of orgasm. Increased hydration can also prevent dry skin, mouths and lips; all of which play an important role.


  1. Blood flow

2-3% dehydration can thicken your blood, which reduces blood flow to the part of the body that needs it most. Phizz is a water multiplier, helping your body hydrate 3 times faster than drinking water alone. More water means more oxygen, and the more oxygen pumping through your bloodstream, the more likely you are to reach that all important climax.


  1. Get in the mood

Dehydration can cause drastic changes in mood and irritability. If you’re feeling tense and anxious, it’s unlikely you’ll want to get it on. Increase hydration, reduce toxins and increase your libido. What’s not to love?


Increasing hydration levels not only increases your body’s overall health, it also significantly impacts your bedroom performance. Learn more about bettering your sex life at and use code PHIZZ30 for an exclusive 30% off HANX’s core sexual wellness range (T&Cs apply).