Using Phizz in Travel

Meet your new favourite travel companion. Our comprehensive formula keeps you hydrated and fights fatigue during long flights or travel days.

Using Phizz in Travel - Phizz

Phizz loves to travel! When you are on the go, it can be especially tricky to eat right and stay hydrated. A tube of Phizz is airplane-safe, fits easily into your bag and can be popped into a glass of water no matter where you are in the world.

Flights can be especially dehydrating because of the long amounts of time spent in a very dry environment. Airplane cabins have about 10% humidity, which is dryer than the Sahara Desert at 25% humidity. For context, cities like New York or London have about 60-80% humidity. 

That glass of airport wine or mug of caffeine when you land can also compound the negative effects of the dry cabin. Dehydration can reduce alertness, increase anxiety and negatively impact your overall mood, which is not how anyone wants to start a trip. Phizz helps make the most of the water you are given on board by increasing the amount you absorb.

After hours on a plane with little to no sleep, jetlag can set in. You can feel tired, run down and unable to sleep properly as your body copes with changes to its circadian rhythms. Phizz contains ingredients like magnesium, B vitamins and vitamin C that combat negative effects of air travel such as fatigue. The hydration formula can also help with some feelings of tiredness arising dehydration from your time in the air.

Keep hydrated, keep healthy and keep the peace with your travel companions. Always pack Phizz!