We Gut What You Need

We Gut What You Need - Phizz

Phizz is helping you take on your gut health with a comprehensive new pre- and probiotic daily capsule, Good Guts!  This isn’t your nan’s probiotic, and in signature Phizz style, Good Guts vegan capsules have been scientifically formulated to provide an all-in-one solution to digestive wellbeing, with added vitamin D and selenium for immune support.

Why Gut Health?

Well, digestive health issues are on the rise, often driven by lifestyle factors, such as stress and diet. The NHS indicate that 4 in 10 people have some form of digestive issue at any one time such as bloating, indigestion, discomfort and pain in the gut. Yikes!

Science shows that your microbiome functions as a separate organ in your body, helping regulate a whole host of important things, and probiotics are taken to support digestive metabolism, gut health, the immune system and for bloating, belly aches and discomfort. Good Guts supports your microbiome with a 10 billion colony forming units (or CFU) formulation and offers a broad spectrum of bacterial strains at the perfect strength for daily use.

Probiotics can be confusing and misleading labels are everywhere. Phizz Good Guts was designed for your modern, busy lifestyle, and aims to cut through the noise with one simple product.

10 Billion CFU

While CFU is a measure of the amount of bacteria in a multibiotic and indicates the strength of a product, the number of strains of bacteria is also key and something that is often ignored in the category- think of the CFUs as the height of a tower, but the strains as the width of the base. A wide base in addition to height to creates the strongest tower, which is why Phizz Good Guts contains 12 strains, hand-selected to include two of the main families (or phyla) that populate the digestive system, offering broad and diverse coverage.


Good Guts contains the prebiotic inulin, extracted from natural, vegan chicory root. Prebiotics nourish the bacteria that comprise the microbiome, helping keep them happy and thriving.

Vitamin D & Selenium

The plant-based capsules also contain 100% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin D and selenium, which have antioxidant properties, support the immune system, aid in teeth, nail and hair maintenance, maintain muscle function and drive absorption of key electrolytes.


Phizz Good Guts is packed in recyclable materials with a glass jar and aluminium lid. Phizz also partners with Plastic Bank and for each product sold, approximately 4 times its weight in plastic waste is collected, recycled and prevented from entering our oceans.  That's 1 million plastic bottles per year! 

Phizz Good Guts is vegan and soy, dairy and gluten-free. The product contains no artificial colours or flavours and requires no refrigeration. Good Guts is the perfect companion for Phizz 2-in-1 Multivitamin Hydration Tablets, making them ideal wingmen to help you take on your busy life.