WFH? Avoid the dreaded 3pm slump with Phizz. (Marie Claire's 7 day review of Phizz)

WFH? Avoid the dreaded 3pm slump with Phizz. (Marie Claire's 7 day review of Phizz) - Phizz

Written by Sarah-Rose Harrison for Marie Claire UK

If, like me, you’ve always struggled (whether in an office or working from home) with the dreaded 3pm slump – you know that moment when you look at the clock around 3pm and your energy seems to leave you? We’ve all felt it. Then Phizz may be the thing for you. 

Billed as the lovechild of Berroca and Lucozade. Phizz is a 2-in-1 multivitamin hydration tablet designed to hydrate you on a whole other level. Used by over 50 pro-sports teams in the UK it rapidly hydrates the body, replenishing electrolytes three times more than drinking plain water can. With a medley of 19 vitamins and minerals – think, B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc and more – concocted to provide natural energy and support immune system and brain function, recovery, and wellness.

Entirely vegan, gluten, soy and GMO-free. Low calorie Phizz is ideal for a mid-afternoon pick up to maintain productivity and motivation whether that’s ahead of an important meeting or, run.

Personally, I was particularly drawn to Phizz due to their focus on sustainability. For each –recyclable – tube of Phizz sold, approximately 6 times its weight in plastic waste is collected, recycled and prevented from entering our oceans. With the brand collecting and recycling 1 million plastic bottles per year.

So, I thought I’d give it the ultimate test and try it out for an entire week to see if it could give me the extra hydration I need to perk up my afternoons and prevent the dreaded 3pm slump.


After a late night trying to re-work possible wedding options amidst the chaos of pandemic – such fun. I woke feeling blurry-eyed so, with a morning of back-to-back meetings I thought I’d put Phizz to the test first thing. It was a nice distraction to watch my glass of water fizz and change colour and before mid-morning I felt so much more functional and positive than I was anticipating. I also successfully managed to avoid a mid-afternoon slump too. Day one, a real success.


After a much better night’s sleep I thought I’d wait till lunchtime before I dissolved the 2-in-1 hydration tablet into my glass. I sipped on it till around 1;30 and then ploughed through my to-do list. Before I knew it it was gone 5pm and I needed to take my puppy out for a walk. No slump, no lull of energy at all. Unheard of!


After such a productive start to the week I thought I’d try and mix it up and dissolve my Phizz mid-afternoon. After trying it first thing in the morning and at lunchtime I thought I’d see how a it would affect my energy if I took it later in the day. After, a rather long, meeting finished at 2:30 I finished my Phizz at 3ish and felt energised for the rest of the evening. Instead of my usual show I skipped This Is Us for a run and put Monday’s washing pile away.


After having after having a far more productive evening than I’d anticipated, I felt like I was able to get my morning routine back on track first thing too. I managed a run this morning, something so much less painful than normal now I was properly hydrated.


I’m ending the week in a much more productive place than I started it. I thought I’d stayed quite hydrated during the day but feel like after consistently taking Phizz this week I must have actually been quite dehydrated. The increase in energy has been the biggest difference. I’m don’t think I’ll keep taking it daily but I’ll definitely be reaching for Phizz when I need that extra burst of energy.

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