Why Athletes Need Probiotics

Why Athletes Need Probiotics - Phizz

Pro athletes perform at extraordinarily high levels, which means they place their bodies under extraordinarily high levels of stress. Because of this intensity, it’s vital for athletes to carefully look after each system in their body, including their microbiome. We spoke with Elliot Frankland, nutritionist at Burnley Football Club, for some insight into why probiotics are a growing category in sport.

“Increasingly, probiotics are a staple category in sport nutrition,” said Frankland. “The microbiome is key to a variety of important functions, so I’ve added the category to my arsenal. I love that the Phizz Good Guts formula is comprehensive, including a prebiotic and a variety of strains to cover all the bases. The added vitamin D and selenium also packs a nice punch for immune systems in need of support!”


While we all know that exercise is good for you, extremely strenuous exercise like the type of training done by many professional-level athletes can actually have a negative effect on immune system function. Studies have suggested that 70% of the immune system resides in the gut, so looking after athlete’s microbiome is a key piece of the overall puzzle.

Probiotic supplements help improve the immune function of the gut and have been shown to reduce upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal infections in athletes. Good Guts also provides 100% of the recommended daily dose of both vitamin D & selenium, powerful antioxidants that support the immune system. 

For athletes training under hot weather conditions, there is added cause for caution. Exercise in the heat may reduce gut barrier function, an important component of the gut’s role in immunity. This can be reduced by probiotic supplementation, with probiotics’ roles in immunity partly driven by their ability to support this function.

Nutrient Absorption

Athletes demand more from the food they consume to support their training regimens. Sport nutritionists create carefully balanced meal plans, but probiotic bacteria can also help break down the food that has been consumed by the athlete helping it be absorbed and best utilised. Probiotics can help athletes maintain leaner body mass compositions through regulating nutrient absorption and metabolism. The vitamin D in Good Guts also enhances the absorption of calcium and magnesium,  2 key minerals, by the digestive system.


Digestive bacteria in probiotics have anti-inflammatory properties, as bacteria in the digestive system express receptors that reduce levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines which help muscle repair post-exercise.

 Intrigued to see what a probiotic can do for you? Phizz Good Guts supports your microbiome with a 10 billion colony forming units (or CFU) formulation and offers a broad spectrum of bacterial strains at the perfect strength for daily use. Good Guts is the perfect companion for Phizz 2-in-1 Multivitamin Hydration Tablets (an athlete favourite!), making them ideal wingmen to help you take on your busy life. Learn more about it here and shop now.