A Healthy Fast

A Healthy Fast - Phizz

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has begun, which for many people around the world, means a fast from sunrise to sunset. In the U.K., this means no food or drink for about 14 hours. Dehydration and dipping energy levels are common challenges, so it is important to make the most of the food and drinks you consume during suhoor, the morning meal, and iftar, the evening meal. With a healthy plan in place, you can look after your body while honouring this special time of year. 

Stay Hydrated

Maximising your water intake is critical for avoiding dehydration. This is key as even mild dehydration (just 1-2%) can have significant effects, including headaches, mental and physical tiredness, changes in mood, irritability and decreases in cognitive performance like attention, memory and critical thinking. Avoid caffeinated drinks which can act as a diuretic and increase water loss. Fizzy drinks are also not recommended as they can often slow down the digestive process.

Keep water by your bedside, opt for water-dense foods and try adding Phizz to your water before dawn. Phizz can help your body absorb up to 3 times the hydration of water alone as it contains electrolytes and harnesses the power of osmosis to drive water absorption in the body.

Opt for Nutrient-Rich Foods

When food intake is limited, it’s vital to make sure that you make those meals count. While fatty foods may seem tempting when breaking fast, they don’t provide the lasting energy or balance that your body needs. Sweets and salty foods are also not recommended. 

The World Health Organisation recommends a variety of vegetables to provide vital nutrients, whole grains to offer energy and fibre, and lean meat to give your body much-needed protein. They also recommend eating slowly to avoid the heartburn and discomfort that can arise from large meal.

Don’t Forget to Move

Although a fast can be tiring, the WHO still recommends trying to maintain a level of physical activity in the evenings. A light daily walk is suggested to keep your body moving, but be mindful not to overdo it.