Brain Food to Power Your Work Day

Brain Food to Power Your Work Day - Phizz

We all know the importance of a good diet when it comes to seeing results in the gym, but did you know that diet can also have an impact on your performance in the office? We turned to nutritional therapist Alicia Cooper for some insight. Cooper is also the owner & curator of Lifebox Food, the leading health & wellbeing subscription box in the U.K. (where you may have recently spotted Phizz!). 

Cooper notes that the food you choose to eat throughout the day has an impact on your energy levels, mood, concentration and productivity, primarily through your blood sugar. “Too much sugar and you'll have an energy high, but what comes up must come down and that's when you have a slump,” says Cooper. 

We’ve rounded up some of her best office eating advice, take a look below: 

  • Eat three balanced meals a day (yes, you should eat breakfast). This keeps your blood sugar stable and the “hanger” at bay while you tackle your to-do list. Each of these meals should include protein, healthy fats and complex carbs.
  • Opt out of carb-heavy or meat-rich options during the day. These meals can lead to mid-afternoon sleepiness, as your body needs more energy to digest them. These are better saved for dinner!
  • Limit your caffeine. We know you love your coffee and tea rituals to break up the day, but try to keep it to one or two per day. Caffeine can really mess with energy levels.
  • Set yourself a water goal every day, 2 litres should be the minimum. Keep a water bottle on your desk and options like Phizz can help you cut the bad stuff from fizzy drinks while maximising your water absorption.
  • Avoid processed foods, they are only a short-term energy boost. We know it’s easy to grab some fast food on your lunch break, but the payoff is low. Better options include bananas, apples, oats, houmous, eggs, sweet potatoes, almonds, edamame, natural yoghurt and roasted seeds. 

Want to learn more? Get to know Alicia on her website at or follow her on Instagram @aliciacoopernutrition. To subscribe and experience all the goodness of Lifebox yourself, visit or follow @lifeboxfoodco.