Veganuary Recipes Made Simple

Veganuary Recipes Made Simple - Phizz

Are you giving Veganuary a go? If eating plant-based has given you an appetite for change, you don't have to a be a master chef to make it delicious thanks to our friends at Merchant Gourmet. Pioneers in plant-based simplicity, their simple lentils, grains and chestnuts come straight from Mother Nature, are easy to prepare, and most importantly are better for you and for the planet. We’re bringing you two of their incredible plant-based recipes to help brighten up your new year.

First up, we have the Puy Lentil Curry. This lovely recipe was created by Merchant Gourmet’s new partner, superstar vegan chef and cookbook author Gaz Oakley.  Gaz is creating easy-to-make, incredible, meat-free recipes using Merchant Gourmets ingredients, and this one features their tasty Puy lentils. High in fibre and protein, these lentils have a delicate, slightly peppery flavour, and have been simply cooked with water, onion, bay leaf and a dash of olive oil. When cooked with potatoes, an aromatic blend of spices, stock, coconut milk and tomato puree, the result is a family favourite you’ll reach for again and again.

See the full Puy Lentil Curry recipe here

Next up are these mouth-watering Korean Tacos. Created by Aimee Ryan of Wallflower Kitchen, these moreish tacos use Merchant Gourmet Zingy Korean Style Grains. The grains are the key to making this recipe beginner-friendly as they come ready-to-go with a blend of wheatberries, black barley and edamame beans with red pepper cooked in a spicy gochujang style paste. Simple additional ingredients include sesame oil, tofu, sriracha sauce served in tortillas with your choice of toppings. This low stress recipe is sure to be crowd-pleaser!

See the full Korean Tacos recipe here.

Love what you’ve seen here? Be sure to check out all of Merchant Gourmet’s offerings on their website, along with loads more healthy and plant-based recipe ideas.