Back to the Pub with a Pint of Phizz

Back to the Pub with a Pint of Phizz - Phizz

Are you heading to the pub this weekend? As the U.K. releases lockdown restrictions and reopens pubs and restaurants, there’s a new list of essentials to keep in your bag, whether you’ll be dining outdoors this weekend or holding out for indoors next week. We know you have the hand sanitiser and masks covered, but there’s one more item that you might be missing to support a healthy immune system. Phizz, of course!

If you’ve had a big night celebrating the reopening of the pub, we’re good friend to have on hand. The science-backed Phizz formula also contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy immune system and contains ingredients that possess antioxidant properties to protect your body from damaging free radicals. One glass of Phizz contains as much vitamin C as 3 oranges and as much zinc as 600g of spinach, along with 17 other vitamins and minerals.

Big nights out can result in dehydration and fatigue the next day. Alcohol impacts sleep quality and is also a powerful diuretic, causing water loss from the body. Phizz is designed to rapidly rehydrate you and contains a blend of B vitamins and antioxidants to combat tiredness and fatigue. It's the perfect pick-me-up after a night out.