3x Your Water

Phizz is a hydration amplifier that is scientifically formulated to help the body absorb more water, faster. Adding Phizz to your glass hydrates your body 2-3 times more than water alone.

3x Your Water - Phizz

Staying hydrated is key to many of your body’s essential functions but it can also be a tricky business in a busy world. But fear not! Phizz is a hydration amplifier here to help you get the most from your water in one easy step. Just pop Phizz into your water and go!

Why is it so important to stay hydrated? Dehydration can hit the body hard and even mild dehydration (just 1-2%) can have significant effects, including headaches, mental and physical tiredness, changes in mood, irritability and decreased performance in cognitive tasks like attention, memory and critical thinking. Yikes! 

Despite all these less than pleasant effects, dehydration isn’t uncommon. A recent survey found that one fifth of GP visits in the UK are caused by tiredness and fatigue, and one tenth of these are thought to be due to dehydration.

You might be wondering why so many people are facing this issue. Well, dehydration can be caused by many sneaky things in your daily life. Environmental factors include things like a hot office (yes, this is a new argument for those thermostat wars) or airplane travel. It can also be caused by lifestyle factors like your workout, your morning latte, your evening cocktail or just being too busy to drink enough water. 

Ready for a science lesson in how Phizz rehydrates? Phizz effervescent tablets form a hypotonic electrolyte solution when dissolved in water. This means Phizz harnesses the power of osmosis to drive water absorption in the body.  Phizz also contains carefully measured amounts of sodium and glucose to drive water absorption through the sodium glucose co-transporter. This combined approach has been shown to absorb more water than the isotonic or overly sugary solutions typically used in sports drinks. 

Prefer the TLDR version? Our unique formulation, designed by Phizz scientists, works harder to help you get more hydration from your water, faster. Sounds like a win to us.