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Using Phizz in Sport

Phizz is a great teammate. From hydration to energy to recovery, our science-backed formula is packed with everything you need to perform at your very best during and after exercise.

Nutritionist Tips for Getting Back in Shape
Diet and nutrition play a major role in your fitness routine. For advice on how to eat right as you head back to the gym or restart team sports after a hiatus, we turned to our trusted pals at RugbyGrub,...
Cricket West Indies Names Phizz as Official Hydration Partner
Cricket is back and we’ve got even more good news! Phizz is proud to be named as the Official Hydration Partner to Cricket West Indies. The partnership launched on the pitch on 8th July 2020 in the team’s highly anticipated...
What To Expect from Your First In-Person Fitness Class After Lockdown
Gyms have faced many challenges during lockdown, but one of our favourite London studios, Frame, rose to the occasion and gave us the inside scoop on what they’re doing to get you back in shape (safely!). Fortunately, there are class...