Cricket West Indies Names Phizz as Official Hydration Partner

Cricket West Indies Names Phizz as Official Hydration Partner - Phizz

Cricket is back and we’ve got even more good news! Phizz is proud to be named as the Official Hydration Partner to Cricket West Indies. The partnership launched on the pitch on 8th July 2020 in the team’s highly anticipated first test of the delayed 2020 season.

The Phizz formula was designed with elite athletes like the Windies in mind. Phizz is scientifically designed to be the most comprehensive formula of hydration, vitamins and minerals out there. It was created as a hydration amplifier, ensuring players rapidly absorb 2-3 times more than drinking water alone, while also replenishing the main electrolytes lost in sweat. This makes Phizz perfect for supporting players through hot days on the pitch and long days of travel.

“Player nutrition and hydration is key in supporting performance, recovery and immune systems under stress from training and travel,” said Dr. Oba Gulston, CWI’s Sports Science and Medicine Manager. “We are pleased to bring Phizz on board. We feel that Phizz provides the ideal blend of hydration, essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to support our athletes.”

“We are excited to have Phizz on board to support our athletes on the pitch and on the road as one of our technical partners,” said Dominic Warne, Commercial and Marketing Director for CWI. “This great addition to our family of technical partnerships brings genuine benefits for our teams’ preparation and performance development.”

 "Phizz is proud to have been chosen to supply a legendary club such as West Indies Cricket," said Yasmin Badiani, Phizz Head of Sport. "This is a big moment for our growing company, and we are looking forward to working closely with the team on this partnership.”

Phizz supplies more than 60 professional sports clubs as well airlines, gyms and 5-star hotels around the world.