Nutritionist Tips for Getting Back in Shape

Nutritionist Tips for Getting Back in Shape - Phizz
Diet and nutrition play a major role in your fitness routine. For advice on how to eat right as you head back to the gym or restart team sports after a hiatus, we turned to our trusted pals at RugbyGrub, Harry Elrington & Theo Brophy Clews. As two professional rugby players, eating well is paramount, and they use their platform to share their knowledge of eating for performance. RugbyGrub operates on the belief that a healthy and effective diet can be tasty, inexpensive and simple.

    Here are their top 3 tips for getting back to the grind:

    1. Start training and exercise in a hydrated state. If you begin your session feeling hydrated, this will offset the negative effects of dehydration. After you begin, drink when you feel thirsty to keep hydrated. One of our staple technique is to use pre-and post-training hydration tablets like Phizz - they tend to do the trick for us! Monitoring your urine colour is also a good indicator of how hydrated you are.
    2. Have adequate energy available. Having the correct amount of energy in your diet will allow you to perform to your best in the gym or on the training pitch. When heading back into training, your body needs a greater amount of energy than usual to perform to its best and optimise your results. This is especially important when balancing your training with other commitments, such as work. To boost the energy in your diet, add some more carbohydrates into your next pre-training meal to be fuelled and ready to go.
    3. Cook smart. When you start to train more, planning your meals out in advance will allow you to know exactly what you are consuming and give you the ability to plan what you need from the shops in advance. This is where ‘smart cooking’ becomes key. By batch cooking and preparing more food in advance, you can change the game by keeping meals in the fridge or easily pulling out them out of the freezer. When you have less time or energy after a long day, having food readily available will make sure you’re a fuelled up for your training whilst also being able to recover as quickly as possible after a session. This will not only allow you to recover better, but it will also give you more time in the day to do other things.

    For more easy-to-follow (and genius!) nutrition tips like these, follow along with the guys on Instagram @rugbygrub or check out their website at