Using Phizz in Sport

Phizz is a great teammate. From hydration to energy to recovery, our science-backed formula is packed with everything you need to perform at your very best during and after exercise.

Using Phizz in Sport - Phizz

Phizz is a natural, all-around athlete, and there’s a reason we’re used by more than 50 professional-level teams throughout the U.K. and the world. From Premier League Football, Premiership rugby to international cricket teams, Phizz is powering many of the world’s most elite athletes, but we are also here to support your HIIT workouts, yoga, runs, cycles or whatever else has you moving. We’ve got your back on everything an athlete needs including hydration, energy and recovery.

Hydration is key but drinking enough water during exercise to combat what is lost through sweat can be a challenge. Dehydration can have a big impact on physical performance, just 2-3% loss in body water content can significantly decrease VO2MAX and cardiac output. Water loss can also impact endurance, concentration and ability to regulate body temperature. 

The Phizz formula was designed as a hydration amplifier, making the water you drink count for more. Its hypotonic solution ensures you rapidly absorb 2-3 times more than drinking water alone. 

Energy is also key to exercise, and Phizz can help here too. Phizz contains a low-calorie hit of glucose, which is the main fuel source that powers you through your workout. The formula’s wide range of B vitamins are essential for energy metabolism and the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body. 

As for recovery, Phizz is a post-workout pick-me-up.  All that sweat from a good gym session will also cause loss of electrolytes. Phizz contains the 5 main electrolytes lost in sweat, helping prevent cramping and muscle fatigue. Intense training can also negatively impact your body’s ability to fight infection. Phizz contains many ingredients that support the immune system, including vitamins A, C and E. 

Phizz is also formulated with powerful antioxidants that help limit the damage caused by free radicals produced during exercise and assists in recovery post-exercise. Its dose of vitamin C supports maintenance and repair of connective tissue including blood vessels, bones and ligaments, all of which are essential for optimal physical performance. Magnesium and zinc are also important for muscle recovery. 

Phizz is also batch tested and certified by Informed Sport, which means both amateur and professional athletes can have complete confidence in the quality and credibility of every tube of Phizz.

We are workout buddies with some of the top gyms in the U.K. so keep an eye out for us at your favourite studio!