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IN THE NEWS: The Daily Star 10 January 2017

The Daily Star On Sunday, TV Life selected Phizz to help you recover post festive season...



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PHIZZ Challenges Londoner to Celebrate NYE TWICE! 05 January 2017

The 24-year-old Londoner celebrated at midnight with fireworks at Sydney Harbour before flying over 3,000 miles across the International Date Line to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, South Pacific where he welcomed 2017 for the second time. Big nights and a long flight survived with PHIZZ...

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IN THE NEWS: Evening Standard Christmas Gift Guide 02 December 2016

It's beginning to feel a lot like...

Holiday Season has begun and the Evening Standard has put together a list of the best Christmas Stocking Fillers... PHIZZ comes in at number 11.

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IN THE NEWS: Sunday Times Travel 24 November 2016

PHIZZ is spotted in this month's Sunday Times Travel magazine

Their journalists have suggested travellers put down their coffee and pick up PHIZZ to tackle jet lag. 

So whether you're flying to the slopes, a summer escape or to see the family for the holidays, fly better with PHIZZ 


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WIN Beer Pong Tables 14 September 2015

WIN Beer Pong Tables

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Phizz & Uber 14 September 2015

Free Uber Credit? Phizz & Uber has just begun...

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Phizz launches in the UK! 13 September 2015

A new formula lands on UK shores...

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