The Ultimate Athlete & Performance Retreat

The Ultimate Athlete & Performance  Retreat - Phizz

For the highest calibre of professional athletes, the off-season doesn’t mean a break from training. In order to achieve peak physical fitness and compete at the most elite levels, these athletes need to find creative ways to blend down time with gym time. This unique set of requirements sparked an idea for Jordan Demetriou, and Mykonos Performance was born. Phizz is proud to announce that this innovative fitness retreat is our newest sport partner.

After many years working in sports physiotherapy and reconditioning with significant full-time working experience at major U.K. football clubs, Jordan recognised that that the athletes in his care were searching for warm weather destinations that could offer training and rehabilitation services for the moments that they didn’t need to be at their team training grounds. He gathered a group of highly qualified trainers and therapists, and a revolutionary concept came to life.

Mykonos Performance launched in 2016, creating the first-of-its-kind, exclusive rehabilitation and performance resort providing athletes from around the world with ideal conditions to optimise performance, in style. Jordan is now Head of Performance and his clients are able to enjoy individualised, premium fitness and wellness services whilst vacationing on the iconic island of Mykonos.

The team chose Mykonos for its unmatched blend of great weather, transport connections and reputation for the highest-end hospitality and services. Mykonos Performance has grown rapidly, with an ever-increasing the calibre and volume of athletes choosing the resort. It’s now fair to say Mykonos Performance is the most popular destination for off-season warm-weather training for footballers and athletes in Europe.

Jordan and team are now entering an exciting new phase by building a bespoke fitness and wellness concept, Charisma Hotel, fully equipped with state-of-the-art fitness facilities. The new home of Mykonos Performance will be able to cater for even the most demanding sport requirements while also offering on-site accommodation, nutrition and wellness services. This new space will allow for a longer season spanning from spring to autumn and expanding the team’s ability to welcome more athletes from all elite sports. Fitness-enthusiasts members of the general public will also benefit from access to the new facilities when booking on-site accommodation or taking part in organised wellness retreats hosted at Charisma Hotel.   

Phizz will be on hand to keep these athletes hydrated in the heat and intense training sessions as well as fuelled with our comprehensive formula of vitamins and minerals.

 Want to learn more about this revolution in elite fitness? Visit or follow along on Instagram @mykonosperformance. To book at Charisma Hotel, please visit their website.