Using Phizz At Work

Need a little support for long days on the job? Phizz helps keep you at your mental peak to take on the day.

Using Phizz At Work - Phizz

We know you work hard whether in an office or out taking on the world! Phizz can help you maintain focus, stay alert and beat that afternoon slump.

Deadlines sometimes mean late nights and early mornings at the office with less than ideal amounts of sleep. 

Dehydration is another common problem. Around 95% of office workers do not drink enough water and compound the issue by drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea. Whatever happened to the water cooler chat?  

Even mild dehydration can cause significant cognitive effects like difficulty with attention, memory and critical thinking. It can also lead tiredness and fatigue and irritability. This all adds up to a less efficient and less than pleasant you. 

Never fear! The electrolytes, glucose and B vitamins in Phizz can help get you to the finish line on that big presentation while also helping support mental clarity.

Maybe try some Phizz before you send that next email?